Yakari, a Spectacular Journey

Yakari, a Spectacular Journey is a story about friendship, courage and the pursuit of adventure, all amid magnificent scenery and wildlife.

Yakari, a little Sioux Native American boy, has only one dream: to mount the fastest wild mustang, Little Lightning — a feat no one has ever accomplished before! When it turns out his tribe has to flee a tornado, it is the boy’s last chance to find the unbroken horse. What follows is a series of exciting adventures, starting with an encounter with the Great Eagle, who gives the boy the unique ability to communicate with animals. Without a moment to spare, Yakari sets out on a lonely journey across the land of a hostile tribe. Completely on his own, he has to ford a raging river, trek across the Great Plains and cross towering mountains. Will he be able to find Little Lightning and go back to his loved ones? A long path full of traps will turn out to lead to a real friendship!

Did you know that..

• … the film is an adaptation of the iconic comic book series created by the Swiss duet André Jobin and illustrator Claude de Ribaupierre?

Original title Yakari – La Grande Aventure

Country France / Germany / Belgium

Year 2020

Director Xavier Giacometti / Toby Genkel

Run Time 83 min

Genre Animation

Dubbing / English subtitles

Recommended for ages 4 and up