Discover the power of true friendship that knows no boundaries! Robyn, a young apprentice hunter, travels to Ireland with her father to hunt a pack of wolves that is threatening a local town. But everything changes when she crosses paths with Mebh.

It is 1650 in the small town of Kilkenny, Ireland. Robyn has just moved here with her father. The town is surrounded by a high wall separating the townspeople from their enemy, the wolves that attack sheep and destroy crops. A lone wolf herself, the girl slips outside town walls and bravely explores the dangerous woods inhabited by wild animals. In one of her escapades, she chances upon the energetic, red-haired Mebh from a mysterious tribe of…wolfwalkers, who transform into wolves under cover of night. Her new friendship will make Robyn question everything she has ever heard about wolves; she will discover how harmful prejudice can be and will learn the great value of being open to the strange and unknown. 

Immerse yourselves in the fascinating, Oscar-nominated world of the wolf pack and run with the wolves!

Original title Wolfwalkers

Country Ireland / Luxembourg / France

Year 2020

Director Tomm Moore / Ross Stewart

Run Time 103 min

Genre Animation

Live voice-over / English subtitles

Recommended for ages 6 and up