Too Old for Fairy Tales


Player: Mighty Waldi the First. Objective: gaming tournament. Obstacle: crazy aunt. Fighting method: don’t give up. That’s a good plan for an esports player!

Waldi’s unpredictable Aunt Mariolka takes care of him while his mum’s away. Low-fat food, riding a bike around the pitch, carrying pots with palms upstairs – these are just a few elements of her diabolic plan for the clumsy boy. He’s so tired with his new duties that his beloved world of video games must take a back seat. To add insult to injury, a mysterious player known as Ant, who is going to join his team, turns out to be – how outrageous! – a GIRL. Luckily, she’s a girl of his dreams. But there’s more to that. Waldi’s mum still treats him like a little boy and she’s hiding a secret. She doesn’t realise that her son has already grown up and can see that life is like a game – sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. What matters most is that “one must be doing something, not doing nothing”.

Did you know…?

The number of gamers around the world has reached more than 3 billion!



Original title: Za duży na bajki

Country: Poland

Year: 2021

Director: Kristoffer Rus

Run Time: 105

Genre: live – action

Original language: Polish / English subtitles

Recommended for ages 9 and up