The Seekers: Thrill Night


Trick or treat! Halloween is the best time for… thieves in disguise! But when the thieves come across brave and creative kids, their plan might fail.

Petra is a clever ten-year-old girl who isn’t afraid of anything. She dreams of a really scary Halloween costume: that of a mummy-cannibal-zombie. But when your only companion is your brother, a bit older than you but much more serious, the only costume you can count on is that of a ghost, made of a white bedsheet. Asger does an irresponsible thing: he leaves his sister at home alone for a moment and she gets kidnapped by burglars. What can be done about this? First of all, he needs to ask his teenage neighbour Esther for help. Secondly, he can’t tell mum anything. Will Asger and Esther find the kidnapped sister and crack down the gang of thieves? This scary and funny story is a Halloween take on Home Alone.



Original title: Forsvundet til Halloween

Country: Denmark

Year: 2021

Director: Philip Th. Pedersen

Run Time: 87′

Genre: live – action

Voiceover / English subtitles

Recommended for ages 8 and up