My Very Own Circus

What is it like to live in a trailer, travel constantly and grow up alongside an incorrigible daydreamer? Meet Laura: a bright 13-year-old whose life is far from ordinary. 

Laura’s dad is a professional clown who cannot stand boredom or seriousness, making her everyday life erratic and very unpredictable. Having a laid-back parent certainly has many pros, but the girl does not always feel like laughing. Sometimes she simply wishes she had the life other children have, living in one place, cutting tomatoes into slices and exchanging circus tricks for books. When she decides to stand her ground and apply to a private school, she has to not only catch up on reading material and study, but also, and most importantly, bring her dad around. But how is she supposed to do that since he has always found education and stability boring? My Very Own Circus is a humorous and delightful story about life being a stage with different parts written out for us, where sometimes the most difficult trick is to reconcile seemingly distant worlds and dreams. 

Did you know that…

• … the film was inspired by events from the life of the director, Miryam Bouchard?

Original title Mon Cirque à Moi

Country Canada

Year 2020

Director Miryam Bouchard 

Run Time 100 min

Genre Live action

Dubbing / English subtitles

Recommended for ages 10 and up