Mezquite’s Heart

“Girls can’t play the harp!” Lucia hears this almost every day but is never convinced why is that. She persistently looks for ways to convince her loved ones that tradition, even if it is very important, does not always need to be followed strictly. 

Lucia lives with her strict dad and grandparents. She and her family belong to the Yoreme tribe, indigenous people of Mexico, whose culture is slowly fading away. It is no wonder then that Lucia’s family tries to live by traditional values, one of which states that only men play the harp. Musicians are very important in the Yoreme community, seen as the guardians of tradition. But what do you do when passion is stronger than incomprehensible rules? Seeing how much it means to Lucia, her grandfather teaches the girl to play, keeping it secret from her father. Determined, Lucia practises day and night (even without her harp!), waiting for the moment she can play her first concert.

Mezquite’s Heart is a loving story about finding your place in the community and fighting for your dreams in a world where everything has been set in stone.

Original title Corazón de Mezquite

Country Mexico

Year 2019

Director Ana Laura Calderón

Run Time 74 min

Genre Live action

Voice-over / English subtitles

Recommended for ages 7 and up