Hug Me. Honeyseekers

Little Teddy dreams of a honey birthday cake. Unfortunately, his Daddy cannot make his wish come true: all the beehives in the forest are empty. The bears must travel to the Golden Land to find the key ingredient of the cake.


Heavy rains have destroyed all the jars with the golden treat. Nothing is left in the beehives, either. Little Teddy overhears the bees and learns that a lot of honey is to be found in the mysterious Golden Land at the edge of the forest. Although his Daddy would rather stay in the cave and take a nap, Teddy convinces him to go on an adventure together. This will be Teddy’s first faraway trip and he will prove his courage and independence. The animation is based on the book Hug Me, Please! by Przemysław Wechterowicz, illustrated by Emilia Dziubak.


Did you know…?

From summer to autumn, brown bears can double their weight from spring! By gaining up to 170 kg of fat, they are able to survive winter and they don’t need to leave their dens.


Original title: Przytul mnie. Poszukiwacze miodu

Country: Poland, China

Year: 2022

Director: Anna Błaszczyk

Run Time: 70′

Genre: animation

Dubbing / English subtitles

Recommended for ages 4 and up