Even Mice Belong in Heaven

A riveting animation about courage and a seemingly impossible friendship between eternal enemies, a mouse and a fox, caught in the thick of adventure in the great beyond. 

Although the mouse sometimes gets scared out of her wits, she will do everything to hide it from others. For such a small animal, she is very stubborn, and showing off is her speciality. She wants to be the fastest, the brightest and the bravest at all costs. To prove it, she will even risk an encounter with a fox.

Unluckily, instead of getting away scot-free, they both end up in a land that turns out to be… heaven. But this does not mean that the adventure is over. Quite the contrary! The duo faces a bumpy road, having to cross hot springs, solve puzzles at a quaint theme park and brave the darkness of the Forest of All Forests. What turns out to be the most difficult task, however, is overcoming their fears and deep-rooted prejudices. Can the two find a common language? Here is a story that proves nothing is impossible in a friendship!

Did you know that…

• … the film was shot using the stop-motion technique, and more than half of all puppets used in production were made in Poland?

Original title Myši patří do nebe 

Country Czech Republic / France / Poland / Slovakia

Year 2021 

Director Jan Bubeniček, Denisa Grimmova

Run Time 87

Genre Animation

Dubbing / English subtitles

Recommended for ages 6 and up