Eva and Adam



Adam and his family move to Göteborg. In his new class, the boy meets Eva. A feeling that grows between them is more than friendship. Will their relationship stand the test?


It’s hard to say when exactly people fall in love with each other. Is it when their hearts start beating faster, or when they want to spend every moment with one another? How to get a grip of all these feelings? Adam tries to answer these questions. The boy has an instant crush on Eva. The girl teaches him how to play football. They’re planning to go on a trip together. The things get complicated when Molly, his first girlfriend, visits him a with a heart she has sewn all by herself. Eva and Adam is a story about the dilemmas surrounding first school loves, the butterflies in the stomach, and friendships that turn into something else.


Did you know…?

The film is based on a series of books by Måns Gahrton and Johan Unenge. The first part in the series was published more than 30 years ago!



Original title: Eva och Adam

Country: Sweden

Year: 2021

Director: Caroline Cowan

Run Time: 82′

Genre: live – action

Voiceover / English subtitles

Recommended for ages 9 and up