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Main Competition

For the lovers of adventures and emotional stories

The Main Competition is the greatest treasure of Kids Kino IFF that we’d love to share with you. This year, we’ve selected ten feature films (including three from Poland). Most of them are premiere screenings – you will be the first audience in Poland to see them. The films in the Main Competition are animations and live-action films. Each of them is different and unique, but they all have something amazing in common: they will take you on a wonderful journey – sometimes to distant places, sometimes quite nearby – full of thrilling adventures and unforgettable sensations. Join the Kids Kino Jury and choose your favourite film in the Main Competition section to be granted the Audience Award.


List of films:


Best Birthday Ever

Hug Me. Honeyseekers

Yuku and the Himalayan Flower

JerryMaya’s Detective Agency – The Riddle of the Scorpion

Detective Bruno

School of Magical Animals

Eva and Adam

How I Learned to Fly


Too Old for Fairy Tales


Discoveries Competition

For explorers ready to broaden their cinematic horizons

The Discoveries Competition presents various faces of arthouse cinema for young audiences. The films in this section are aesthetically stunning, they address important issues and offer ample food for thought. They go beyond the limits of well-worn genres to delve into the versatility of cinema for children. The line-up comprises seven feature films from various parts of the world, including India, Taiwan, Japan, and – for the first time – Poland. Their creators treat their audience like partners and they never yield to infantilising. Let yourself be allured by the beautiful and unconventional stories and the magic of moving pictures!

List of films:


Last Film Show

Film for Aliens

The House of the Lost on the Cape

Where is Anne Frank


Hello! Tapir

Comedy Queen



Short Documentaries Competition

For those ready to dive into incredible stories that really happened

A selection of eight moving short films, whose creators are mindful to their surroundings and place young people at the centre of their stories as both protagonists and narrators. Meet teenagers involved in the current and universal problems of the contemporary world, who narrate them through their hopes, joys, and challenges. Your friends from all over the world will inspire you to take action and they will speak to your heart better than any actor.


List of films:


Aikiddo – a series of documentaries

Thom & Stoffel – a series of documentaries

Safiya Film – a series of documentaries



The Road to the North – Documentaries from Norway, Sweden, and Finland

For insightful viewers ready for an expedition to the North

Can our reality be just as fascinating and full of plot twists as an adventure film? We think it can – and the films we have selected prove that. If you’d like to know what children and teenagers from Norway, Sweden, and Finland want and what problems they face, don’t miss their stories. They will feature themes like passion for sports, family relationships, and self-acceptance. You can take our word for this – no films resonate better with young viewers than well-made documentaries.

List of films:


Tongue Cutters

Karla and Nordahl – a series of documentaries

Maddy the Model

Dancing for You – a series of documentaries

Kids Cup

Ballet Boys

Stories from the Shower – a series of documentaries

Raise the Bar



With Your Nose in a Book

For all the bookworms out there

At Kids Kino, we all love books, so we’re happy that films are often based on the wonderful stories told by writers. In this section, you can see your favourite characters on the big screen. We hope that you’ll find them just as enjoyable and touching (or even more so!) as in the books. Perhaps, you’ll meet new protagonists as well, who will encourage you to visit a library just after seeing the film.

List of films:


Kitty Kotty and Edmond – a series of short films

Superworm – a series of short films

The Ape Star

Adventures of a Young Moomin

Scritch Scratch Scraww Plop – a series of short films

Tales of Franz



Kids Kino Goes Green

For the lovers of nature

Kids Kino Goes Green is a selection of animated and documentary films about nature and about the ways we, people, can understand it better and take care of it properly. In the films in this section, the main protagonists are not humans but animals and their interspecies friendships, as well as trees and flowers. Young environmental activists will share their perspective too. The villains include: global warming, coal, and plastic. With these film stories, you will become more mindful of our connections with the world of nature and of the value of our responsibility for Planet Earth.

List of films:


Out There – a series of short films

Why Trees Lose Their Leaves in Autumn – a series of short films

The Websters Movie

Heart of Oak

Girls for Future: Sabyah, Fatou – a series of documentaries

Girls for Future: Nina, Gagan – a series of documentaries




A Postcard from the Netherlands

For those ready for another journey with Kids Kino.

Hoi! Every year, we choose a different country or region to explore during the festival. We’ve already travelled together to the Baltic states, Italy, and as far as India. This year, we’re going to the Netherlands! You will be able to watch feature films and series of short animations that have been created in this country in recent years. The films in this section are the latest productions as well as titles which have received numerous awards at children’s film festivals around the world. Dutch cinema for children is doing great! For years, it has served as an example to follow for other European countries in terms of children’s culture.

A Postcard from the Netherlands has been created in partnership with Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Poland in Warsaw.

List of films:


Jonas and the Sea – a series of short films

Rintje 2 – a series of short films

Pim and Pom

Alfie, The Little Werewolf

Fidgety Bram

Owls & Mice


Jackie and Oopjen

Dummie the Mummy

Captain Nova

Scrap Wood War

Life According to Nino



Short Stories

For those who feel that one story is not enough

The Short Stories section is a selection of the most beautiful short films which have received multiple awards. They are a collection of animations which are visually impressive as well as moving and relatable to children in terms of script. This is an occasion to watch a number of versatile stories connected by a common subject or protagonist during one screening. These short forms are amusing, touching, and bursting with colours – and they are also a perfect choice for a child’s first visit at the cinema. Watching at least one set of short films is simply a must during the festival!

List of films:


Bella in the Belly – a series of short films

Hungry Bear Tales – a series of short films

I’m not Afraid! – a series of short films

Ernest & Celestine 2 – a series of short films

Charlie Chaplin – a series of silent films

Franzy’s Soup Kitchen – a series of short films



Festivals’ Favourites

For those who want to be up to date with the film world

The Festivals’ Favourites section includes feature films which have been awarded in the latest seasons and met with the approval of young audiences at international film festivals. In this section, you can watch the most interesting recent productions. Emotions are guaranteed!

List of films:


Christmas at Cattle Hill

Mamma Moo Finds Home

Yakari, a Spectacular Journey

Dragon Girl

Even Mice Belong in Heaven

The Seekers: Thrill Night

Dear Mr. Führer

Calamity, a Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary


My Very Own Circus



Around the World

For those curious of the world that surrounds them

Around the World is a section addressed to keen travellers, who wish to go on sensational film expeditions. You will be able to watch one-of-a-kind stories from three continents. What sort of films for young audiences are made in India or Bolivia? Do teenagers from South Korea have problems that are like yours? What type of films do kids across the globe enjoy watching? These are stories that show how much we have in common and how similar we are, despite the thousands of kilometres that separate us.

List of films:



Gandhi & Co.

A Butterfly’s Heart

The Hill of Secrets

Sun and Daughter



Kids Kino Classics

For those who want to see our absolutely best films

The Kids Kino Classics is a regular section in our programme. Our audience grows up with us, getting ready for other film challenges – and there are also new viewers. This section is the mark of Kids Kino quality, in a nutshell. It consists of films awarded by juries and loved by viewers, always relevant and up-to-date – timeless and remaining with you for a long time. You’re the ones creating the classics!

List of films:


Basia – a series of short films

Basia 2 – a series of short films

Gordon & Paddy

Molly Monster

JerryMaya’s Detective Agency – Von Broms Secret

JerryMaya’s Detective Agency – The Secret of the Train Robber

The Children of Bullerby Village

I am William

Supa Modo



Grownup Perspective – films and events for parents, carers, and teachers

For the adults who accompany the kids

The section is composed of three feature films whose subjects serve as an inspiration for conversations about relationships between children and parents and between students and teachers. During the meeting co-organised by Sentio Foundation, we’ll focus on creative education and how it helps build valuable, empathy-based relationships in school communities. We’ll also try to look at modern families in the context of smartphones. We’ll talk about the digital life of contemporary teenagers and our adult expectations concerning the online presence of the young generation. What’s more, we’ll take a closer look at gender stereotypes affecting children and we’ll ponder together how to effectively support boys and girls against the norms imposed by society. The films will be accompanied by meetings with experts.

List of films:


Girl Gang

Young Plato

Raise the Bar