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The winners of 8. International Film Festival Kids Kino are

Main Competition

Award: Dragon Girl

For a complex story about difficult and current issues in the world today, told in a way that is friendly to young audiences. Although the film is set in another country, and one of the characters is a dragon, it is, actually, a story about what is happening here and now.

Special mention: Calamity, a Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary

We give a special mention to a film of unobvious beauty that triggers a child’s imagination and makes them an active viewer. It is a well-told, inspiring story about crossing boundaries, enforced norms and ourselves.

Short Documentary Competition

Award: Madison in Between

For the well-thought-out and mature documentary form, the in-depth characters, the varied way the story is told. In times when we are pressured to take sides, this film teaches us to be open-minded, to look for the path in between, and that life is not categorized in black and white, pink and blue.

Special mention: Yaren and the Sun

For visual tenderness in storytelling. For courage and subtleness in touching the most problematic topics.

Film Discoveries Competition

Award: Short Vacation

For an unobvious fusion of realism and poetry, achieved as a result of the creative “hanging out” of the girls main characters, who are the co-creators of the film. For a journey to the end of the world, during which the most important questions are asked in an unpretentious way.

Special mention: Any Day Now

A powerful, optimistic and – at the same time – tragic story of a refugee family that is able to save its private world. For the perspective of a growing boy, in which there is a place for various emotions, convincingly and suggestively played by the main actor.

European Children’s Film Association

Award: Dragon Girl

The jury of the European Children’s Film Association ECFA, meeting on October 1, 2021 online, consisting of: Pantelis Panteloglou, Jerzy Moszkowicz, Barbora Kyas after watching seven films in the Main Competition of the 8th International Kids Kino Film Festival, decided to award their organization’s prize to the film “Dragon Girl” directed by Katarina Launing. In this film we find an extremely current, humanistic message related to the problems affecting every European today. The combination of two worlds: the real world of a small migrant hiding for fear of deportation, and the fantasy world of a lost young dragon, makes the message about the need to care for every creature, no matter where it comes from, and to show it care, accessible even to young children. The film cleverly addresses important and fundamental issues such as freedom and man’s responsibility for every existence. It does so lightly and humorously, which makes it both an excellent entertainment for the youngest as well as a well digestible lesson on issues important to every human being.

Special mention: none 

The Film Educators Group (to ZEF): 

Award: My Very Own Circus

The Film Educators Group (ZEF) awarded  the film “My Very Own Circus”, directed by Miryam Bouchard. Does freedom mean the same for everyone? How, being oneself, do not harm others, respect their needs and beliefs? The love between a father and his daughter, and in the background the challenging adolescence, the self-exploration, the realisation of dreams, the determination to achieve goals and the difficult art of compromise. And all this told with humor and charm, in a film inspired by her directr’s life.

Special mention: Calamity, a Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary

Special Mention from The Film Educators Group (ZEF) for the film “Calamity, a Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary” directed by Rémi Chayé. For an inspiring (not just for girls), interestingly told story and visually enchanting animation. Wild Wild West for everyone!

Arthouse Cinemas Association (SKS):

Award: Belle

For its extremely up-to-date portrayal of today’s times, for its stunning and universal message, for its subtle illustration of the dangers of the virtual world, but also for its enchantment with its dark side.

Special mention: Even Mice Belong in Heaven

For its universal approach to the topic of death and the complicated emotions that accompany loss, as well as for its visuality and wonderful reference to the classic form of animation.

Audience Fern Flower Award: Yakari, a Spectacular Journey

About the idea

Kino Dzieci (Kids Kino) is an International Film Festival addressed mainly to the viewers at the age of 4-12 and their families & guardians. From the very begining, the idea behind the festival was to make valuable worthwhile movies available to the general public. All the productions have been carefully selected considering their educational, artistic and production values.

The audience of the Kids Kino IFF has grown to over twenty Polish cities, from the begining of the festival in 2014 till today. The viewers of each edition get acquainted with international productions nominated in the Main Competition that have not been presented to wider distrubition. The entire film program, grouped in sections, is displayed in Warsaw and Wrocław only, while the most important sections, led by the Main Competition movies, are also presented in the remaining eighteen festival cities.

The best Kids Kino IFF is always chosen by viewers from all over the country. Thanks to the festival, selected films appear on Polish cinema screens, including European and international productions – films, animations, documentaries and series for kids.

We believe that such actions have a significant impact on shaping young viewers as well as on the development of the film production market directed to the young viewers. However, Kids Kino IFF is not only about movie screening. Thanks to the workshops and accompanying events, the festival has become an opportunity for meetings and discussion. Kids Kino IFF goes beyond the actul week of the festival duration and it is present for the viewers throughout the following year, introducing the best films of the festival to theaters for the following months.

The 8th Kids Kino International Film Festival – dates unchanged, in a new form

The New Horizons Association is happy to invite you to the 8th Kids Kino International Film Festival – the autumn film celebration for the young (and the youngest) audiences. This year, the festival will take place from the 25th of September to the 3th of October in around 20 cinemas in Poland. What is more, for the first time in its history, Kids Kino will assume a hybrid form: apart from the screenings in cinemas, some of the films will be available online!

The 8th Kids Kino International Film Festival will take place on 25.09–03.10.2021. Like in the previous editions, we are going to invite our audiences to screenings in Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań, and almost 20 other towns and cities.

The experience of the past months has made us appreciate the festival even more – the opportunity to meet and share film impressions is invaluable. During this year’s edition, we will place special emphasis on taking necessary precautions and ensuring safety on your visits at the cinemas. Taking the comfort of our visitors into consideration, and combining that with our mission of providing access to quality cinema for young viewers, we have decided to make some of the films available online this year. Thanks to that, the films presented at the 8th IFF Kids Kino will become even more accessible and, as we hope, they will give rise to a new format of the festival.

The programme of the 8th edition includes over 150 titles – feature films, shorts, animations, live action films, and documentaries selected for viewers aged 4 to 12.

As always, the films featured in the Main Competition will be judged by the jury (the Main Competition Jury, ECFA Jury, and SKSiL Jury) and by the spectators from Poland. The winners will receive the Fern Flower Award. In the Discoveries section, you will be able to see films displaying a variety of genres and styles.

The new sections in the programme are the European Documentary Films and Kids Kino on Upbringing. The first section presents a selection of documentaries discussing current issues and showing the life and world of young people. The other section includes films for adult audiences selected for their educational values helping to build parenting and upbringing competencies.

Each year, Kids Kino Festival presents the cinematography of a selected region. Last year, we travelled to the Baltic Countries – Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. While in 2021 we will have a chance to watch the best films from Belgium. The section will be called Postcard from Belgium.

Read more in our english booklet 

The 8th edition of the IFF Kids Kino will also feature the favourite sections of our regular audiences: Book Adaptations presenting the protagonists of classic and modern books adapted into films; Short Stories, which are sets of animated and live action short films showing the vivid adventures of numerous characters; Panorama, i.e. meetings with the highlights of the previous editions and with films for young audiences which have been released shortly before the festival. Kids Kino Classic is a section compiling the best films of the previous six editions – the audience’s absolute top of the tops.

Once again, the festival will be accompanied by Kids Kino Industry (former Warsaw Kids Film Forum), this time online. The industry event is an international co-production forum for film and series projects for young audiences. It will take place from the 28th of September to the 1st of October.

The 8th Kids Kino International Film Festival and Kids Kino Industry are organised by the Education Department of the New Horizons Association.

The event is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute, the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the City of Warsaw, and Creative Europe.

Facebook: facebook.com/kinodzieci

Instagram: instagram.com/kino.dzieci