Dragon Girl

A peaceful town in Norway is getting ready for Christmas. It is snowing outside, houses are sparkling with Christmas lights, and there is a dragon soaring in the sky. Hold on, a dragon?  

One person who is not at all pleased with the upcoming Christmas break is Mortimer, who spends every waking moment creating videos for his online channel. Sadly, no one likes them, and a good scoop is hard to come by in these parts. All this changes when the boy meets mysterious Sara.

The girl has long been living on the move, changing one vacant house for another. It soon turns out that she is hiding another secret: she has just befriended a dragon. It is only at first glance that the tiny fire-breathing whelp seems dangerous. Underneath the green scales is a lost creature that Mortimer and Sara decide to help. To make things more complicated, the dragon grows unruly by the minute and is trying to break free. Will the valiant duo escape the trouble unscathed? Dragon Girl transports you into the middle of a magical adventure, where friendship and an open mind prove the most effective spell! 

Did you know that…

• … the film was shot in the Czech Republic, with parts filmed in Koněprusy Caves?

Original title Dragevokterens jul

Country Norway / Netherlands / Czech Republic

Year 2020

Director Katarina Launing

Run Time 82 min

Genre Live action

Dubbing / English subtitles

Recommended for ages 6 and up