Detective Bruno


With a detective who can solve any riddle and a boy looking for treasure, adventure is inevitable. Even if the detective is just an actor from a TV series.

Oskar is a perceptive and inquisitive boy who loves the series about Detective Bruno and would love to be like him. On his eighth birthday, he gets a mysterious clue about a gift from his parents: he knows he needs to get away from his foster home to solve the riddle. Only one person can help him in his feat – the one and only Detective Bruno. There is one problem, though: actor Bruno Księski is rather full of himself and doesn’t like children very much. Will Oskar manage to draw his idol into the exciting urban game? Will they solve the secret together? Will the boy’s faith in the one and only detective turn the actor’s life upside down and melt his heart?

Did you know…?

The film was shot in Warsaw! You will see a lot of popular locations of the Polish capital there, such as the Palace of Culture and Science, the Mermaid sculpture, Królikarnia, and the zoo.



Original title: Detektyw Bruno

Country: Poland

Year: 2022

Director: Magdalena Nieć, Mariusz Palej

Run Time: 110′

Genre: live – action

Original language: Polish / English subtitles

Recommended for ages 6 and up