Dear Mr. Führer


Can a single letter stop the wheels of war? 11-year-old Felix and his friend decide to send a letter to the Führer and put an end to the fighting.

Germany, 1945. With the war making life in Munich increasingly dangerous, Felix and his mum leave for the country. But blooming meadows and spring air cannot shield them from the warplanes and blaring sirens. In the new reality, Felix has to not only get used to a strange house, but also win over his peers. He befriends Karri, the son of a local leader, whose views and unwavering faith in Germany’s victory gradually rub off on the boy. Soon, however, Felix will have to come to grips with some unexpected events and answer difficult questions. Why do we consider someone an enemy? And what does it really mean to be a hero? Told through the eyes of a child, Dear Mr. Führer is a story about the power of friendship and people who found themselves on opposite sides of the conflict.

Did you know that…

… the film is based on the childhood memories of scriptwriter Josef Einwanger?

Original title Das Glaszimmer 

Country Germany 

Year 2020

Director Christian Lerch

Run Time 93 min

Genre Live action

Dubbing / English subtitles

Recommended for ages 9 and up