Dance Lessons — set of short documentaries

An enormous boost of positive energy! This is a set of stories about three very strong girls who make the world a better place through their actions and strength of character. 

Julieta is 14 and loves scuba-diving. Unfortunately, the waters off the island of Curaçao where she lives are increasingly polluted, posing danger to the underwater wildlife. Together with other volunteers, the girl helps sea turtles and cleans the sea. 12-year-old Madison plays on the boys basketball team. She cannot see herself in the girls world until an elite sports school opens the doors for her. But the girl is not going to change her personality. Last but not least, 10-year-old Tika lives in Georgia and loves to dance. She holds a special dance show featuring teenagers with disabilities. And while the students struggle to learn the choreography at first, Tika proves to them and herself that nothing is impossible.

Set of short documentaries Julieta & the Turtles in the Plastic Soup, Netherlands, 2020 / Dance Lessons, Denmark, 2019 / Madison In Between, Denmark, 2020

Original titles Dance lessons / Julieta & de schildpadden in de plastic soep / Madison midt imellem

Run Time 76 min

Genre Documentary

Voice-overt / English subtitles

Recommended for ages 9 and up