Christmas at Cattle Hill

Klara the Calf is really excited to spend Christmas at her father’s! Just when it seems nothing can disturb a family holiday on the farm, there comes an avalanche of unforeseen events. 

Upon arrival, Klara discovers that her dad is not ready to celebrate at all. There is no Christmas tree in front of the house and the lights and baubles are gathering dust in boxes. To top it all, he is urgently called away to help a snowed-in neighbour and is unable to return home as the access road is cut off. Time is running short — what to do? Desperate, Klara decides to call in a Christmas gnome. Legend has it that a bowl of homemade porridge is all it takes to get the gnome to work. Unexpectedly, the situation starts getting out of hand, and Christmas seems to be hanging by a thread! Can Klara and company overcome a series of setbacks and tame the greedy gnome? 

Christmas at Cattle Hill is a charming, hit-packed tale of holiday magic and family warmth that will make even an upside-down Christmas tree seem the most beautiful.

Original title Jul på KuToppen

Country Norway

Year 2020

Director Will Ashurst

Run Time 68 min

Genre Animation

Dubbing / English subtitles

Recommended for ages 5 and up