Cabinets of Wonder

Where do children disappear when they feel sad, angry or like a misfit? 10-year-old Doro decides to look for them, ending up in a wonderful land full of secrets that were never voiced. 

Wisdom (11), Roya (12), Joline (12) and Elias (14) take us to their inner world where imagination triumphs over fear, exclusion and expectations. It is a world where they keep their greatest treasures: stories, dreams and desires. Sometimes, this place takes on the size of another planet, where there are not only children but also lots of guinea pigs to keep them company. This is where you can turn into a siren (even if you cannot swim) and use a lion’s tongue for a duvet. A place where you never feel different, worse, lonely or judged; where no one will tell you what to do. And the best thing is, adults are not allowed in! 

Cabinets of Wonder is a documentary made with children, for children and by children. It is children’s imagination that makes the film so interesting visually.

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Original title Meine Wunderkammer

Country Germany

Year 2020

Director Susanne Kim

Run Time 80 min

Genre Documentary with animation

Voice-over / English subtitles

Recommended for ages 9 and up