11-year-old Kenza is a strong girl with a soul of a warrior. Kenza is growing up on the island of Curaçao with her father Ouira and grandfather Weljo. The film follows her as she tries to understand and discover what is important to her. Kenza will have to decide whether she prefers to follow in the footsteps of her rational father or turn to her roots and spirituality. 

Kenza’s dad is a down-to-earth police officer who, at the same time, is understanding towards his increasingly rebellious daughter. By contrast, her grandfather is fascinated by the spiritual world, believing that spirits of the dead, including Kenza’s mother, are present in our world; they just need to be given a chance to express themselves. Stuck between the two opposite outlooks on life, she attempts to revive the memory of her mother. Kenza’s dad believes that you cannot miss something you never had. Is it really so? 

Rich with elements of magic realism, Buladó is a visually stunning tale about finding your voice while entangled in complicated family roots.

Original title Buladó

Country Curaçao / Netherlands

Year 2020

Director Eché Janga

Run Time 86 min

Genre Live action

Voice-over / English subtitles

Recommended for ages 12 and up