The latest anime by Mamoru Hosoda, whose Mirai received an Oscar nomination, Belle is a crossover between the classic beauty and the beast story and a virtual world of avatars. It is a musical about finding your true voice and the power of standing up to violence. 

Suzu gives up her passion for singing because it brings back too many painful childhood memories. Her sorrows find an outlet in virtual reality known as U, where Suzu discovers she can be anything she wants to be. Under the pseudonym Belle, she musters the courage to sing again and immediately rises to musical stardom with the U community. When the terrifying Beast interrups one of her concerts, Belle wants to discover the true identity of the mysterious creature at all costs. Together, they set out on a journey full of adventures and challenges in two parallel universes. Will they find the courage to reveal their true selves?

Did you know that…

• …the film received a 14-minute ovation after its worldwide premiere at the Cannes Film Festival? This makes Belle the seventh longest-applauded film in the history of this big event.

Original title 竜とそばかすの姫

Country Japan

Year 2021

Director Mamoru Hosoda

Run Time 121 min

Genre Animation

Voice-over/ English subtitles 

Recommended for ages 10 and up