Any Day Now

13-year-old Ramin lives with his family in a Finnish refugee centre. His parents do all they can to give the boy and his sister an ordinary, loving home. Ramin finds out that they are facing forced deportation to Iran. This makes him anxious but also grateful for every little moment he experiences. 

It was Ramin’s mum who taught him to see beauty in simple things. Every day in the morning, she gives him a tender kiss. His dad, meanwhile, is an incurable optimist, lifting everyone’s spirits in times of greatest crisis. Having grown to call Finland their home, the Iranian family bonds over everyday rituals. Full of warmth, understanding and humour, their relationship is nonetheless disturbed by the uncertainty of tomorrow, with the looming danger of sudden deportation. This is the reality in which Ramin enters adulthood; true friendship, the first party and love, pushing your boundaries. Every moment is priceless. Immigration officers regularly visit Ramin’s school to take away children whose families were not granted asylum. Will they come for him too? 

Any Day Now is an incredibly warm and loving picture of a strong family bond that makes you feel rooted and safe, no matter where you live.

Original title Ensilumi

Country Finland

Year 2020

Director Hamy Ramezan

Run Time 82 min

Genre Live action

Voice-over / English subtitles

Recommended for ages 11 and up