199 Little Heroes — set of short documentaries

A series of short films focusing on individual stories of children from around the world. We get to know each of them on their way to school, which can last from just a few minutes to many long hours. 

199 Little Heroes is cinematic proof that the greatest strength lies in apparent simplicity. The filmmakers follow children from different corners of the world, from Jordan to Burundi, on their walk to school, which becomes a symbol of their fight for a bright future. We learn the innermost thoughts and dreams of four fascinating children who openly talk about their everyday life and needs. Regardless of where they live or come from, each is eager to learn, curious about the world, and wants to make it a better place.

Did you know that…

• … 199 Little Heroes is an international project created under the patronage of UNESCO?

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Set of short documentaries Mathis, Sweden, Germany, 2018 / Rania, Zaatari (Jordan), Germany, 2018 / Cynthia, Burundi (East Africa), Germany, 2019 / Zozooloi, Mongolia, Germany, 2018

Original titles 199 kleine Helden: Mathis, Schweden / 199 kleine Helden: Rania, Zaatari (Jordania) / 199 kleine Helden: Cynthia, Burundi / 199 kleine Helden: Zozooloi, Mongolia

Run Time 43 min

Genre Documentary

Voice-over / English subtitles

Recommended for ages 9 and up