Main Competition

Gordon i Paddy_4

Gordon & Paddy
Gordon & Paddy
dir. Linda Hambäck
Sweden, 2017, 65′, English subtitles, animation, age 4+

A beautifully animated story of a friendship between a little mouse and a police chief toad, who join forces to protect the forest inhabitants. Will their wit be enough to solve another crime mystery?

Pettson i Findus maly klopot (6)

Pettson and Findus: The Best Christmas Ever
Pettersson und Finduѕ– Das schönste Weihnachten überhaupt
dir. Ali Samadi Ahadi
Germany, 2016, 82′, English subtitles, feature/animation, age 4+

An adaptation of illustrated children’s books, in which the pair of protagonists, cat Findus and Pettson, who looks after him, are preparing for the upcoming Christmas.

JerryMaya’s Detective Agency – The First Mystery
LasseMajas detektivbyrå – Det första mysteriet
dir. Josephine Bornebusch
Sweden, 2018, 95’, English subtitles, feature, age 6+

First case for the Lasse and Maia Detective Office! A valuable prize disappears before the start of an important competition at the school in Valleby. Can children find it?

Kapitan Morten 12

Captain Morten and the Spider Queen Captain Morten and the Spider Queen
dir. Kaspar Jancis, Henry Nicholson, Riho Unt
Estonia, Belgium, Ireland, Great Britain, 2018, 79’, English subtitles, animation, age 6+

10-year-old Morten Viks wants to be just as his dad. He builds a model of a ship and dreams of a sea expedition far, far away. Unexpectedly, he shrinks to the size of the insect and becomes the captain of his boat. However, sailing is not as simple as it may seem…


Mirai nо Mirai
dir. Mamoru Hosoda
Japan, 2017, 100’, English subtitles, animation, age 6+

A great change awaits spoiled Kun: his younger sister, Mirai, appears in his family, and becomes the focus of his parents’ attention. Soon the boy discovers a mysterious garden in which he travels in time and meets an older version of his sister.


I am William
Jeg er William
dir. Jonas Elmer
Denmark, 2017, 86’, English subtitles, feature, age 9+

William considers himself unlucky, and life challenges him all the time. The boy must convince himself that he has strength and cunning, and that fate sends tips on how to get out of trouble.

Łowcy czarownic najlepsze

The Witch Hunters
dir. Raško Miljković
Serbia, Macedonia, 2018, 86’, English subtitles, feature, age 9+

Two friends, shy Jovan and feisty Milica, decide to find a witch and remove the curse placed on the girl’s dad. Will they succeed? Or maybe the boy is facing an even greater challenge?


Supa Modo (1)

Supa Modo
Supa Modо
dir. Likarion Wainaina
Kenia, Germany, 2018, 74’, English subtitles, feature, age 9+

Jo is a supergirl. She moves objects with her willpower, stops time and even changes the result of a football match. Now she must face the biggest challenge in her life.



The Film Discovery Competition

Królowa Niendorfu (1)

Queen of Niendorf
Königin von Niendorf
dir. Joya Thome
Germany, 2018, 67′, English subtitles, feature, age 9+

Lea really wants to join a boys’ gang. For this to happen, she must pass various trials and prove her courage. She also discovers a secret…


Brudna robota (1)

Tongue Cutters

dir. Solveig Melkeraaen
Norway, 2017, 85’, English subtitles, document, age 10+

There is a common belief that work is not for children. In Norway, quite the opposite. It’s a tradition! Ylva and Tobias can tell you all about it.



dir. Aaron Kopp, Amanda Kopp
Swaziland, Qatar, United States, 2017, 77’, English subtitles, document/animation, age 10+

A group of children living in an orphanage in Swaziland create a story about Liyana. Her history consists of difficulties experienced by the young authors themselves. During work, they realize that they also write the story of their lives. What will be its continuation? And what ending   will they have for Liyana?

Room 213 (7)

Room 213
Rum 213
dir. Emelie Lindblom
Sweden, 2017, 80’, English subtitles, feature, age 10+
Elvira from the beginning senses that something strange will happen during her camping trip. The girl will face not only new surroundings, but also forces from out of this world.


WALLAY_Berni Goldblat

dir. Berni Goldblat
France, Burkina Faso, Qatar, 2017, 84’, English subtitles, feature, age 11+ 

Ady – a teenage son of an immigrant – visits his family in Africa. The rebellious youngster used to gadgets meets another world. In search of his roots he will have to grow up quickly and learn humility.

Widzialne niewidzialne (1)a

The Seen and Unseen
Sekala Niskala
dir. Kamila Andini
Indonesia, the Netherlands, Australia, Qatar, 2017, 86’, English subtitles, feature, age 11+ 

The twins Tantra and Tantri are inseparable. One day the boy disappears. His sister searches for him in magical, parallel worlds, which she must explore and understand for the first time in her life.

Ceres (2)

dir. Janet Van den Brand
Belgium, The Netherlands, 2018, 73’, English subtitles, document, age 12+ 

The sun rises and sets, the plants grow and wither, animals are born and die. This endless cycle of life is watched and admired by four children from the Netherlands who live in local farms.


Namaste – Indian cinema

Dzien matki (1)

Happy Mother’ѕ Day
dir. Anjuli Shukla
India, 2015, 108’, English subtitles, feature, age 8+

Vicky and his younger sister Kaku want to give their mother the most beautiful present on  Mother’s Day. They  sacrifice a great deal in an effort to save enough money. Does the best gift need to be expensive?



dir. Rajan Khosa
India, 2012, 90’, English subtitles, feature, age 8+

Flying a kite is the greatest passion of 9-year old Gattu. To become a local master of this art he has to beat the black kite, controlled by mysterious Kali. The boy will pursue his goal and will not stop at anything to reach it…


Ulga (4)

dir. Nila Madhab Panda
India, 2018, 114’, English subtitles, feature, age 8+

Little Pichku living in Delhi is trying to fight for better everyday life by building the first private toilet in his neighborhood.



Half Ticket

dir. Samit Kakkad
India, 2016, 112 minutes, English subtitles, feature, age 10+

After opening Pizza Cafe, the European restaurant in Mumbai, going there will become a great dream of the youngest inhabitants of slums. However, fulfilling that dream will be very difficult.


Village Rockstars (2)

Village Rockstarѕ
dir. Rima Das
India, 2017, 87’, English subtitles, feature, age 12+

A combination of a documentary and feature film, shot in exceptionally beautiful Indian locations. 10-year old Dhunu with her peers is following a childhood dream of having a real guitar.







Not without us
Nicht ohne uns
dir. Sigrid Klausmann
Germany, 2017, 87’, English subtitles, documentary, age 9+

What can we learn about children’s dreams and plans by accompanying them every day on their way to school? A moving documentary presenting the stories of sixteen characters from the most distant parts of the world.