Kino Dzieci.Pro

Kids Film.Pro/Kino Dzieci.Pro it’s a program dedicated solely to the development of scripts and production basics of films for young audiences. Our goal is to support the production of ambitious movies for children aged 4-12 years, based on the highest artistic and production standards of European cinema. First project from previous edition of our program is already in production (The real trouble, dir. M. Karwowska), next project applied for funds to Polish Film Institute. Kids Film.Pro/Kino Dzieci.Pro works with 8 teams (scriptwriter and producer) on participants projects. We develop the script form short synopsis to second draft of script together with production basics (estimated budget, financing and promotion plan).

Among our tutors are Philip Lazebnik (wirters tutor – scriptwriter of Dreamworks movies – ex. Mulan, Pocahontas, currently working in Europe), Kirsten Bonnen Rask (writers tutor – previously consulting scripts of Lars von Trier and Urlich Seidl, currently writer, producer and consultant of many children film, head of South Norwegian Filmcenter) and Ronald Kruschak (producers tutor – producer and writer, his films got many awards in Germany, some of them reached 1 mln. audience).

Kids Film.Pro/Kino Dzieci.Pro is part of Kids Film Festival which 3rd edition take place in September 2016 in 27 Polish cities and screen over 70 titles. With the youngest viewers at its core, the festival is not limited to the presentation of important, thought-provoking and interesting movies for junior audiences. It serves as a platform for exchanging experiences of people dealing with various aspects of children’s culture – creators and animators in the broad sense of the word.